Pricelist of service items uncompensated by health insurance companies:

I. certification of application forms/health eligibility   100Kč
- nurseries and kindergartens    
- industrial centers    
- schools /high schools, colleges, universities, etc./    
- summer and winter camps, recreational stays, sports proceedings    
- special-interest activities /music, sports, etc./    
- student foreign practice, abroad departures    
II. medical reports    
- health status of the child for a variety of purposes   150Kč
- extension of maternity leave or unpaid leave    
- improvement of the housing situation, the modification of working time, etc.    
- for the purposes of the Court    
- for the purposes of accident insurance claims    
- for postponement of schooling    
III. others    
- drawing up documents for working in food-processing industry and education   150Kč
- abstract of personal health records   150Kč
- examination before taking up employment   150Kč
- application of uncompensated vaccine   100Kč
- copies of prescription, family member nursing document /=OČR/, vaccination card, etc.   100Kč
- application for driver's licence   300Kč
- entrance health examination of private patient   800Kč
- goal-directed health examination of private patient   400Kč


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